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iLab Grading Rubric Category Points Description Screenshot of OPNET properly prepared (10 points) D-number displayed Correct project files listed 5 5 Using the example provided, capture a screenshot of your OPNET files using Windows Explorer on Citrix. Requirements: Must clearly show D-number and a listing of the project files. Spread Spectrum Comparison (40 points) Introduction FHSS DSSS Comparison Table Conclusion 5 10 10 5 10 Using your textbook and web research, in your own words, summarize what you have learned about Spread Spectrum transmission. Requirements: Minimum one paragraph per section; best practice is two or more paragraphs per section. Total 50 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements. Deliverables IMPORTANT: A report template is provided beginning on the next page, and you must use it to submit your assignment. Before submitting your assignment, delete the pages containing the instruction and rubric. Your submitted assignment should begin with the Title Page and only contain your report. Don’t forget to place your name, your professor’s name, and the date on the Title Page. Week 1 iLab Report DeVry University NETW360: Wireless Technologies and Services OPNET Preparation and Spread Spectrum Transmission Comparison Submitted to: Professor: Name of your professor Date: 9/7/2014 OPNET Preparation OPNET Preparation Paste your Windows Explorer screenshot that shows your Citrix NETW360 directory structure here. An example screenshot appears in your Week 1 iLab tab. I could not get my layout to look like yours professor. I took 2 screenshots to show the d number and my directory I created with the only available file in that directory. Spread Spectrum Transmission Comparison Introduction to Spread Spectrum Transmission Guidelines • What is it? Why is

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