Net Neutrality Speech Essay

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The Internet, it's an information superhighway, a media super heaven ,the worlds largest library of pornography, and the #1 place to tell everyone in the world, most of whom actually don't really care but pretend to be interested anyways, that you are making a sandwich at 11:13am. For me, my own personal use of the Internet is for keeping tabs on news about anything geek related, it's where I pay my bills, where I watch my favorite shows, and even where I do most of my video gaming. I am fairly certain most, if not all of you, have a great number of uses you use the Internet for daily as well. The Internet has become an open resource that we use freely in any manner we want, whenever we want. However this is a freedom that is going to be jeopardized if we continue to take for granted this freedom we currently have, if we don't support something called “Net Neutrality” Right now, many of you are probably asking yourself, “Just what is net neutrality”. Net Neutrality is the principle that keeps the Internet is completely open to everyone. It is the preservation of our net freedom. Net Neutrality is what lets you access the sites you use and love without discrimination or bias. Your access to that site is only hindered by the speeds of your s and the websites overall connection. There are no other barriers that block you from access to the sites you look at. Everyone on the Internet is on the same level playing field. Right now though, this is something that is being moved for change by major Internet providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon. These corporations want to charge websites for your ability to connect to their site. They want to restrict your access to those sites you so inherently use in your everyday life. They want to make a fast lane for their own affiliates and business partners, and give those not related to them or sending money their

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