Net Neutrality Essay

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Net Neutrality In today’s world without a doubt, one of the fastest growing technologies is the Internet. With just a click of a button away, we can achieve whatever we want in our life. Internet has been a revolution in every aspect of life, be it a business where a businessman can get all the market’s history while sitting in his office or be it a student who can access various documents they wish to research on unlike earlier times when they had to physically go through hundreds of books. It is a well-known fact that the Internet has made a huge impact in our day to day life making us more accessible to the world. The question is, is this impact good or bad? Many people will argue that it certainly has a positive impact on us, but just like every coin has two sides, the internet also portrays both the sides. “Internet governance is a broad term used in many different contexts, applying to activities as diverse as coordination of technical standards, operation of critical infrastructure, development, regulation, and legislation, among others” (1). Different growing issues today include child pornography, theft and criminal activities needs to be controlled through internet governance. The only way to control this issue is by restricting and denying access to these sites. Denying access is not as easy as it sounds because of net neutrality. The term net neutrality means that the users should have full access to the internet and they should have the full authority to decide what to view and what not to view rather than the service providing companies (Sutherland, 2010) (2). Keeping in mind net neutrality, we can discuss the deontologist and utilitarian side of it. The principle of deontologist states that the moral worth of a cause is independent of the consequences resulting due to it. It also states that the most important act is to adhere to the duties and

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