Nestorian Contraversy Essay

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Nestorian Controversy: “Mary Bearer of God” or “Mary Bearer of Christ?” The Nestorian Controversy questions Mary and God. Nestorius the beginner of this controversy disagreed with Mary been described as “Mother of God”, because God is divine. But he never separated God into two sons either. He believed that God is divine and could not be human and that he could be a three days old baby. And he also thought that Jesus represented divinity and humanity, but he stated that Jesus was hundred percent human He was God himself when He was in Mary’s womb and that God assumed to Him. Nestorius was condemned by Cyril, for heresy after sharing his believed he title of bishop of Constantinople was taken from him, he could not teach anywhere in Rome, and went of to Persia and build his own church, later on died in Upper Egypt. These are things that I understood and learned while doing my research topic. Calling Mary the mother of God or Jesus did not seem like a big deal to me before I did research on my topic, I never thought of people questioning God and who the bearer was and of whom. Also I never thought of God not been himself in Mary’s womb but rather to assumed to him. Working as a group was a great help because my partners could understand things that I did not, and they were able to help me in those areas. With my partners I learn about God not been able to a three years old baby. My group for this project worked amazing we all did our own research and put our plan together for our visual

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