Nestle Management Studies Assignment. Essay

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Nestlé (F&B) Nestle is a Swiss international food and beverage company, its headquarters is based in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the leading and largest food company in the world measured by its revenues, Nestle has 447 factories, operating in 194 countries of which North America is the largest and most profitable market and currently has around 333,000 staffs (Wikipedia, 2015). Nestle currently has 8000 wide range of product brands across a number of markets. It was first set up by Henri Nestle to provide infant food products, it has been associated with providing quality consumer focused products. In recent years it has turned its focus on becoming a nutrition, health and wellness company. The company is also a world leader in research and development, the company’s scientists work in all areas to create healthier and more nutritious foods for people around the world. Nestlé operates on the principle of decentralization; each country is responsible for the efficient running of its business - including the recruitment of its staff. However their headquarters sets the overall strategy and ensures that their strategies are being carried out. It's an approach that is best described as 'centralize what you must, decentralize what you can'. The company believes that they should think about their organizations globally but they deal with people by interacting with them locally. (g, 2009) 2 Pestel Analysis 2.1.1 Social Factor Nestle produces products that are generally for everyone. Nestle Manufactures their product here in Singapore, and most of their products are daily needs these include Breakfast cereals, creamer products, dairy products, instant noodles, hot beverages, confectioneries and many more. According to Straits times, Milo is arguably the most loved product in Singapore and Singaporeans reportedly drink about 400 million cups of Milo and
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