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w &&&o$@##)&o$)&$&&)a)#f#ps"$-))"*0R*5),-C%-a)t J-a)po$o$&o$o$o$o$o$))jjD "a&jj"Chapter 7Classify the following structures as part of the axial skeleton or the appendicular skeleton: Skull, clavicle, vertebral column, shoulder girdle, humerus, pelvic girdle, and femur.Ans: pg. 196 axial skeleton: skull, vertebral column; appendicular skeleton: clavicle, shoulder girdle, humerus, pelvic girdle, femurWhat is the function of depressions and openings? Which opening is:Shaped like a tube?A narrow slit?A shallow depression? Ans: pg. 196, 198 passageway for soft tissues or formation of joints; a) meatus, b) fissure, c) fossa What is the function of processes? Which process:Has a flat surface?Projects from a narrowed part of a…show more content…
In which cranial bone is that foramen located? What components of the nervous system join together within this foramen?Ans: pg. 205 a) foramen magnum; b) occipital, c) medulla oblongata and spinal cordWhich marking of the skull articulates with the first cervical vertebra?Ans: pg. 205 occipital condylesWhich skull marking forms a bump on the back of your head?Ans: pg. 205 external occipital protuberanceWhat skull bone articulates with all other cranial bones?Ans: pg. 206 sphenoid boneStarting at the ethmoid bone and going in a clockwise direction, list the bones that articulate with the sphenoid bone.Ans: pg. 206 ethmoid bone, frontal bone, parietal bone, temporal bone, occipital bone, temporal bone, parietal bone, frontal boneIn which part of the sphenoid bone are the sphenoidal sinuses located?Ans: pg. 207 bodyWhat function is served by the hypophyseal fossa? On which cranial bone is that marking located?Ans: pg. 207 a) contains the pituitary gland, b) sphenoidWhich opening in the skull is a passageway for nerve impulses related to the sense of vision? Which is a passageway for nerve impulses related to eyeball movement? In which cranial bone is each

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