Nervous System Assignment

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The nervous system consists of the brain, the spinal cord, and special organs. The nerves are connected to each of these parts to send electrical messages. It’s the most complex system within the body. Nature vs. Nurture Nature is explained to be the genetic makeup of an individual, while nurture is environmentally influenced. Nature of a child could come from either parents or past relatives within their family. If the child’s father is aggressive and lazy, the child could inherit those traits. Nurture of the child could be from how the child was raised; if the child is raised within a positive household, the child is most likely to grow into a happier and positive individual themselves. Brains... According to “Men and Women’s Brains are Wired Differently”, men’s brains are connected ‘front to back’ where as a women’s brain is connected ‘left to right’. Men are more likely to be optimized for motor skills where women are more optimized for analytical thinking. In a study lead by Ragini Verma, 949 young adults’ brains were scanned by an MRI. Within this study the researchers came to a conclusion that the men had strong correlations with the cerebral hemispheres whereas the women had stronger correlations in between the hemispheres. This may conclude that males would ace motor skills while females excel analytical and intuitive thinking. Nature of Female Brains According to “How Male and Female Brains Differ”, disparities within the brain can be found even when a child is still inside the womb (26 weeks in pregnancy). In the female brain, researchers found, using imaging technology, when tested with sound waves only the left hemisphere was active within the male brain, but in the female brain both hemispheres were active. In result, females may display stronger language and motor skill over males. The production of estrogen also affects
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