Nervous System Essay

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The nervous system, an incredible system the controls every move the body makes, is one of the most intricate and unique systems in the body. It is made up of nerves that send impulses to other nerves, leading all the way to the brain. The brain then gives a signal back to the nerves, and the nerves tell the body’s other systems what to do. A body’s nervous system continuously sends and receives messages, even while the body is deep asleep. The nervous system is made up of two sections, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord, which both have distinct functions. The brain is responsible for control of most bodily functions such as movements, sensations, thoughts, speech and memories. The brain makes every decision, with the exception of reactionary responses, and sends the orders down the spinal cord so the nerves will carry out the task. Without the spinal cord, however, the brain would not receive signals or know how to react. The spinal cord sends messages to and from the brain and the peripheral nervous system. The spinal cord’s job is to let the brain know exactly what is happening in its surroundings so the brain can decide how to react. The peripheral nervous system is made up of nerve fibers that exit the brain stem and spinal cord. All those nerve fibers receive data from the outside world and send information through the spinal cord to the brain. Cranial nerves exit the brain stem and aid in eye movements, facial strength, sensation, hearing, and taste. Cranial nerves are very important to the peripheral nervous system. The optic nerve is also a cranial nerve; it controls the eyes, which are important to the nervous system because it is considered to be a window into the central nervous system. Nerve roots are part of the peripheral nervous system. They are named

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