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Neonatal Nursing Lainey Reddell English IV February 22, 2013 Neonatal Nursing I. Introduction II. Job Description III. Educational Requirements IV. Job Outlook V. Benefits A. Salary B. Insurance 1. Health 2. Dental 3. Life C. Retirement VI. Conclusion Have you ever walked by a nursery at the hospital and saw the pretty babies lying there? Have you ever experienced the joy of holding a newborn baby? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for being the caregiver for the babies while in the hospital? Neonatal nurses have the responsibility of providing the care for babies when they are first born. Neonatal nursing has many education requirements, an outstanding job outlook, as well as great benefits. Neonatal nurses care for newborns for the first 28 days of the babies’ lives, the children’s most vulnerable stage. Nurses specialized in this field are required to focus not just on healthy infants, but also on ill or premature babies. They monitor the condition of babies, check for signs of distress, and administer medication when necessary. Neonatal nurses are also responsible for providing all kinds of basic care, like changing diapers and feeding babies. There are three different levels at which neonatal nurses work. Level 1 comprises those who take care of healthy infants, while those in Level 2 care for ill or premature newborns. Neonatal nurses responsible for treating severely ill babies work at Level 3. They work in the intensive care unit and look after infants in incubators or on ventilators. Another important part of working as a neonatal nurse is communication, interacting with parents. Neonatal nurses need to understand the concerns of the parents and keep them well informed of their child’s condition. They may also be required to teach new parents the

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