Neologisms in Modern English Essay

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NEOLOGISMS IN MODERN ENGLISH Written by the student of the 4th course group 419 A Nosirova Aziza ___________________ Scientific supervisor: ___________________ Reviewer: Umarova M.V. This qualification paper is admitted to defense by the head of the Department protocol № ___ of ___________ 2011 TASHKENT 2011 CONTENTS Introduction Chapter I: 1.1. Neologisms. Their meanings and division by their structure ------------------ 5 1.2. The appearance of neologisms during the English Renaissance--------------13 1.3. The types of neologisms----------------------------------------------------------- 25 Chapter II: 2.1. Sociolinguistic aspects of mathematical education based on neologisms-- 42 2.2. Neologisms from the point of view of semantic and phonetic factors------ 48 2.3. Differentiation with respect to Time Axis of neologisms (based on word – building)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 54 The list of the used literature------------------------------------------------------------- 56 INTRODUCTION Neologisms are the main problem of modern scientific research. A lot of new objects and processes are continually created in technology. We can find new ideas and variations in social life, science. Neologisms can be defined as newly coined lexical units that acquire new sense. Peter Newmark proposed to review twelve types of neologisms and discuss the translation of particular instances by the way of the appropriate contextual factors. Every time neologisms appeared in our life. The 16th century was the period of the great course in literature called “Renaissance”. A lot of writers used new words in their poems and stories in order to “enrich” the

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