Neolithic Revolution Essay

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When the course of history is changed forever in a political social or cultural way far beyond the way it was before it is considered a turning point. About 10,000 years ago the Ice Age came to an end. Thanks to a warming trend the world heats up and the climate become warmer and drier, animals become extinct as fast as plants and new species are being introduced in some places. For example new wheat was spreading in the Southeast and Wooly Mammoths were becoming extinct. When the Ice Age comes to an end the world heats up introducing new species, new tools, and new ways to live, all these changes are introducing the Neolithic Revolution. The Neolithic Revolution changed the course of history for nations and people. This period of time did not just change in one day, there are many things that lead up to this change. During this time people began to find bronze (a mix of copper & tin). This brought about what is known as the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age lead to new tools being introduced for farming. Also people began to make items for their house out of bronze (pans & hunting tools). This was all part of the journey beginning the Neolithic Revolution. As this time period went on people started to migrate to places and settle their for a while. Thanks to steady food supply because of agriculture and domestication they were able to do this. Having steady food supply and tools made civilization more bearable. The Neolithic Revolution was a “period in human history marked by the introduction of agriculture and a shift from food gathering to food production”. This revolution changed many peoples courses of life. An example of this is instead of all people migrating to new homes when the climate changed or because of health issues, they build permanent housing due to permanent settlement. Also during this time period new cultures were beginning
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