Neo Colonialism Essay

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STUDENTS MOTIVATION AND ATTITUDE TOWARDS ENGLISH LANGUAGE Synopsis Submitted by MARIA AFTAB M.Phil. ENGLISH ROLL NO: 10 SESSION (2014-2016) UNIVERSITY OF SARGODHA WOMEN CAMPUS, FAIALABAD ] Student’s motivation and attitude towards English language Introduction Communication plays a vital role in our life. It has many sources whether through technological source or face to face. The language is very much important for communication. In case if our communication language is same and understood by everyone then mutual language should be used with the help of which we can communicate with the other people. The first language you learn as a child is your mother tongue. Reading and writings of other languages enable us to communicate with each other of a foreign language. The learning of a new language has a great scope in our lives. English has been used a communicating language for many years as it’s an international language which helps us to interact with different people and situations. The use of English language in the academic and professional life of the students is of paramount importance. It is an effective tool to improve the performance of students in oral and written communication. In addition to students, faculty members of academic institutes at campus experience a lot of difficulties while communicating in English language. As a result of this, most of the students have been failed at Graduation level. The others who have passed English as a subject they always found it very difficult to mark English as an interesting subject therefore students are advised to improve their communication skills in English to increase their chances and opportunities in professional life. Several factors persist which might cause low proficiency in English language. One might be attributed motivation and attitude towards English language.

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