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Neil Young was famous as a Canadian rock star, but in recent months there have been many controversies around his tour was that meant to rise money for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, and help them protect their living conditions and the human rights. However, I have a question: Should artists just stick to their art? Different people have different opinions about this question and Neil Young’s activity. On the one hand, the protestors think that Neil Young is a rock star and his job is singer. He should pay his attention to creating more songs, rather than getting involved to in the political issue. On the other hand, his supporters believe that he is a public figure, so his activity is more influential than ordinary citizens, and his helping the indigenous people, helping the vulnerable groups. Should artist just stick to their art? I do not think so. First, Neil Young is not only a Canadian icon but also a Canadian citizen. As a citizen, he has a duty to care about the environment. His anti-oilsands statement and activity is showing us that he is a person who has responsibility. Second, Canada is a politically free country, so people have rights to give their opinions about the country’s policies. Neil Young is not the only one who thinks that There are not only Neil Young think the oil-ands in Fort McMurray have damaged the balance of nature, destroyed the ecosystem or ruined the environment that the First Nations have. The reason why Neil Young has lots of supporters is because people need a leader to represent them and help them speak out. We all know that it is not the first time that the oil-sands in Canadian have became a controversial topic. We can not state that the government is blood sucker which only knows how to gain the profit from the oil-sands and have totally ignored the damage that the oil-sands bring, because the truth is the

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