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"THE WORLD IS IN CRISIS, IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN EMERGENCY ESCAPE PlAN, THIS BOOK IS IT," Jas.nFon' . Rolk"g5ron, With the same sha rp eye. quick wit and narrative drive that marked his bestsellers The Game. The Dirt. and How to Make love Like a Porn Star. Nell Strauss takes us on a white -knuckled Journey through America's heart of darkness as he scrambles to escape the system. It's one man's story of a dangerous world-and how to stay alive in it. "IIIIIIIIIIIIIII~ How to Protect Yourself from Inftation. Hackers, and Celine Dian; Why Knocking Up a Brazilian Woman Can Save Your lif, ; lite-Saving Propertiu of Toilet Tanks. (See lessons 19. 21 . and 40) Surviving Snipers. Dirty Bombs, and Salad Bars; The Gone With the Wind Guide to All" Protection; How to Become Immortal . ISeelessons 14, 22. and 41 ) Why You Should Think of the Zoo 81 a Restaurant; Proper Care and Handling of Hawaiian Tropic Girl.; Where to Swim Across the Border; Bik" of the Apocalypse. (See lessons 31 , 38. 62. and 65) Mental Health Guidelines for Air Traveler.; Secrets of hcaped Felons: Birth Control TIps from Billionaires; Birthday Clowns to Avoid. (See lessons 1. 3. 12. and 24) Five Steps to a Tax-Free lite: The Art of Disappearing: TIps on Death Cult Etiqueue ; How 10 Turn Your Credit Card into a Knif. ; Your Odds of Dying Horribly ; Winning Car Chases. (And much. much more- alt inside) Visit for exclusive updates on Your fan}rite authors. HARPER m Memoir/Cu rrent Evcms Cover design & iIIustrltion by Todd Gallopo @ Melt and Potato", Ine. ALSO BY NEil STRAUSS Rules ofthe Game The Game: Penetrating the Secret Socie!y ofPickup Artists The Dirt with Motley Crtie How to Make Love Like a Porn Star withJennaJameson The Long Hard Road Out ofHell with Marilyn Manson Don't Try This at Home with Dave Navarro How to

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