Neil Postman Essay

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Comparison-contrast essay on the perspectives of Neil Postman and Thomas Friedman on technology in education. Technology with out a doubt has impacted education in a major way, from the way we go to school to the way we are taught. Some would say this is a good thing and others would disagree. Neil Postman's opinion on the matter would show how technology can negatively impact education leaving gaps in learning however, someone such as Thomas Friedman would disagree stating that he views technology as a revolutionary tool to education that will undoubtedly make it better. Could technology hurt education or, is technology the revolution to education? The views on education and massive open online courses of Postman and Friedman are very contrasting and will be further discussed in this essay. According to Thomas Friedman, MOOCs are potentially the most essential addition to present-day education. That by having a MOOC available to those in under developed worlds it will open powerful minds to solve more of our frequent problems. Even though Neil Postman’s book, The End of Education, was written well before MOOCs were available it is still evident what his opinions on them would be. Postman is not as enthusiastic concerning technology’s place in education as Friedman is. Neil Postman and Thomas Friedman agree that there are some things that can’t be taught outside of a traditional classroom, but they disagree on the roll that technology should play on education. Postman dispute that society should restrain from seeking a substitute to traditional classrooms for societal standard and proper behaviors can’t be taught in a virtual setting. According to Postman (Postman), technology challenges the tradition that children should play on education. Postman argues that society should deter from seeking a replacement to traditional classrooms because societal
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