Multiculturalism In Tim Winton's 'Neighbours' By Tim Winton

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Writing Task- English Neighbours In Tim Winton’s short story Neighbours, Winton privileges aspects of multiculturalism through representing three different cultural families in one setting. The short story is about an upper-class couple moving to a lower-class neighbourhood in order for the husband to sustain his novel writing career. They have two sets of neighbours on either side of them, one Macedonian family and one Polish widower. Winton purposely creates these characters in order to represent the multicultural town that the couple has moved in to, whilst additionally demonstrating the cultural stereotypes. The Macedonian family is originally represented as impolite, loud and slightly ‘murderous’ through the phrase, “It took six months for the…show more content…
This can be shown through the phrase, “In the spring, the Macedonian family showed them how to slaughter and to pluck and to dress”. This gives an example of how the young couple accepts the ways of different cultures. The multiculturalism of the neighbourhood can also be proven through the statement, “In the summer, Italian women began to offer names. Greek women stopped the young woman in the street, pulling up her skirt and felt her belly, telling her it was bound to be a boy”. It is shown in this phrase that many women of different cultures offer their support throughout the young lady’s pregnancy and additionally provides the reader knowledge that the young lady is settling into the diverse neighbourhood. The piece ends with the neighbourhood celebrating the birth of the young couple’s son and creates a sense of unity and acceptance of the small neighbourhood which can be shown by the quote, “On the Macedonian side of the fence, a small queue of bleary faces looked up, cheering, and the young man began to weep.” This quote demonstrates the final acceptance of multicultural neighbourhood and allows for the reader to develop a sense of unity between the 3
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