Neighbors, And Bystanders 'Motivations Of The People'

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“Motivations of the People” 05/09/12 “The history of the Holocaust has no happy ending, no uplifting message of redemption. It leaves us only with human beings, with their startling capacities for good and evil, and with an awareness of the complex ties that connect victims, perpetrators, and bystanders in Nazi barbarity.” The holocaust left little for direct interpretation. Neighbors became enemies, best friends became denouncers, and anyone who had something to gain was willing to give up the people they were, to be the people that survived the war. Though not everyone was willing to place their hand on the trigger itself, the actions that proceeded might as well have been one in the same. There was a choice, there is always a choice. Some made the choice to…show more content…
It is difficult to point fingers at just those who were considered perpetrators, because the relationship between the general population including onlookers, bystanders, those who unintentionally contributed, and those who lacked interest in getting “involved”, and that of the victims was complex to say the least. Perpetrators, Nazis, Gestapo, SS officers, Einsatzgruppen, and anyone willing to kill by influence of the Third Reich and Hitler’s Regime left Europe with victims, scarred beings that may never be able to recover from the tragedies that took place during World War II. The holocaust was enacted without thoughts of future forgiveness. However that is not to say every man or woman involved in the killings were serial killers, or crazed murderers. The relationship to that of the victims were not easily divided. Hitler
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