Neighborhood Bike for Charity

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Narrative Essay-News Story An opportunity arises once in a lifetime to change an others life. This year that opportunity came for many. Bikers from the community in a bike for charity event raised $500,000 drove 175 miles and changed the lives of 420 chronically ill children. From the commitment, to getting the sponsors, raising the money and through the bike ride and reception, the trip was an amazing experience. A group of 100 bikers got together and in an effort to raise awareness and money for children with life threatening illnesses, took upon themselves to raise $2,500 each, having friends and relatives sponsor them for miles biked. It was a remarkable commitment. They had to solicit friends and family to donate to this worthy cause. They had to do grueling training, biking running and sweating for months in advance in order to be fit to do the ride. Family members of the bikers were very proud of having partaken in this event. One spouse said, “I knew I would never be able to do the bike route, so when my husband decided he was going to do it, we were all extremely proud and supportive” The two days of biking went off without a hitch. The trip started with a smashing success at a breakfast in the park. There was an amazing spread for all the bikers and their families. The tables groaned under a full buffet of delectable pastries, bagels and an omelet bar letting off a tantalizing smell. Cheerful music blasting from the speakers helped create the exciting mood. Then they were off. Children and spouses waived excitingly at them, blowing departing kisses. Along the way there were multiple rest stops. As the bikers would pull up, dripping with sweat and exertion they would be handed out water and energy bars. All the volunteers cheered them on and lent words of encouragement. After a long day of intense riding the weary bikers all stopped at
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