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Negotiation Skills Journal Lisa Chandler Keller Graduate School of Business, HRM595 Professor Jermaine A. Robinson August 21, 2014 Table of Contents Abstract 3 The Used Car 4 The Pakistani Prunes 6 The Salary Negotiation 8 Negotiation Round 1 8 Negotiation Round 2 9 Negotiation Round 3 11 The Power Game 13 References 17 APPENDIX A 18 APPENDIX B 20 APPENDIX C 24 APPENDIX D 30 Abstract This paper, written as journal entries, shares the experiences of participants in four negotiation simulations, one of which had three parts. The simulations experiences are shared along with negotiation styles used, whether the style(s) used was appropriate. If another negotiation style could have been used to obtain a better outcome for the simulation, it is discussed to determine how and why it would have been useful. The paper also discusses a power game simulation meant for students to experience the dynamics of power. The Used Car This negotiation simulation involved a seller (me) and a buyer (my classmate, Aloysius). The objective of the simulation was to negotiate on the price of the vehicle in question, a Volkswagen Jetta in particularly good condition (Appendix A). Aloysius and I introduced ourselves and began sharing information about the car in question; the fact that it was being sold, the reasons he needed to purchase the vehicle, the work that had been done to the vehicle, and each of our starting points for selling and buying the vehicle. I explained to Aloysius that I my initial asking price was $5,500 but he shared that he saw an ad in a newspaper that the asking price was $5,000. I had to share with Aloysius that work was done to the vehicle recently that included a new transmission as well as new interior. Aloysius made his first offer of $3,200, which I considered to be very low considering my initial asking price. While we

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