Negotiation Project Essay

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Negotiation Negotiation Process Description In this section there will be illustrated the process of negotiation among the three parties, namely Beyonce Knowles, the famous singer, Dave, the MTV Music Awards organizer and Mariah Carey the second artist. There will be inserted some explanatory notes throughout the depiction concerning the inner judgments and discontentment of all the participants so that later on in the following part regarding the analysis there would be emphasized the unconstructive and negative facts that occurred. {text:list-item} Dave received specific orders, tasks for the leaders of the department who opted for the two artists mentioned above. It is a must that Dave has to reach an agreement with both singers. He has no other option but to try to conclude the contract regarding Mariah and Beyonce’s duet for the event. The compulsory condition is for the two female artists to perform in a twosome act, no other form of participation would be otherwise accepted. On the other hand Mariah hasn’t come up with anything new, from a professionally perspective, and as a result her image has not improved. More than that, fans are disappointed with her lack of activity, not to mention that she needs great publicity as she is coming with a new album. It requires an important happening for Mariah to become popular again. the invitation to this affair represents the solution for her problems. {text:list-item} Moving to another phase, the singers’ personal requirements, Beyonce takes the initiative and makes sure that Dave will assure biodegradable food for her and for her dancing crew. Dave finds itself in an impossibility situation as he knows that the leaders do not want any dancers but their own. He tries to make Beyoncecompromise by offering her the indispensible food in chance of her dancing crew. The

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