Negotiation and Conflict Personal Experience

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Introduction In this essay I will explain you in detail an experience where I’ve been obliged to resolve a ‘’conflict’’ by using negotiation. I put conflict under ‘’ ‘’ because I am not a conflictual girl. I hate being in conflict with other people and therefore I am not used to negotiate. In this essay I will firstly give you the definition of conflict and negotiation and the relation between those two words. The second part will explain you the history of my experience, the third part my negotiation, and the fourth part will talk about the win-loose outcome. The finish part of this essay will of course be the conclusion. Definition and relation between conflict and negotiation What is a conflict: « Friction or opposition resulting from actual or perceived differences or incompatibilities. » ( What is negotiation; following the business dictionary negotiation is : « the action of bargaining (give and take) process between two or more parties (each with its own aims, needs, and viewpoints) seeking to discover a common ground and reach an agreement to settle a matter of mutual concern or resolve a conflict. Noun form of the verb negotiate. » The relation between those two word is not really complicate, the reis negotiation when there is a conflict. Conflict does not mean there is a big problem between people but maybe they just think differently. Let take for example the story I am writing about in this essay. I want to sell my car for a fixed price to someone but this someone finds the car’s price too expensive. There is a conflict because we are not thinking the same thing about the price of my car. We will therefore negotiate to find a mutual arrangement. From my readings on negotiations, I’ve

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