Negotiation Essay

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| | Sally’s Agent |Lyric’s Business Manager | |NEGOTIATION ISSUE |POSITION |INTERESTS |POSITION |INTERESTS | |Role of Norma |Ms. Soprano play the |I want to launch a comeback for Ms.Soprano |An experienced |We want to have no trouble during the production as Ms.Rising Star| | |lead role of Norma |I want Ms. Soprano to get the forthcoming TV special deal on opera that could pay $45,000 |soprano such as |has not been easy to work with given her attitude | | | |I want the confidence of Ms.Soprano toward me and my firm for future relationship |Ms. Sally Soprano | | | | |I want Sally’s acting career to get a boost |play the lead role|We want to have Sally Soprano play the lead role of Norma at short| | | |I am afraid that this might be the end of her acting career as there are other budding young |of Norma |notice because Ms.Risingstar is sick | | | |Sopranos to fill her shoes | | | | | |I want to expand my firm’s opera practice

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