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1. Be prepared The three most important things about negotiations are ready preparation, preparation, and preparation. Learn or understand as much as you can about the needs and wants of your organization and the other side. Besides that, strengths and weaknesses bout both parties also have to understand. Preparation should be best example of every negotiators who are well-prepared, including the ability to make an analysis of other party’s offers more effectively and efficiently, to understand the differences of the concession-making process, and to meet their goals. Preparation should be made before negotiation begins so that the time spent in negotiations is to achieve more efficient. Well prepared is to understand their goals and interests, and be able to express them to each other ingeniously. It is also to understand and communicate between each other, in order to find an agreement that meet the needs of both parties. The successful negotiation is both parties at least achieving some of their goals, and work it out to determine and understand the needs of both parties. To reach a better outcomes, you have to set a high goals that you can reach, not to set them too low the other party will think that they are not that important to you, not to set goals too high that you not able to reach at all and the situation will become embarrassed. 2. Diagnose the Fundamental Structure of the Negotiation Negotiators should make a decision about whether what kind of negotiation they will be facing, either win-win or win-lose negotiation and choose tactics and strategies accordingly. Using the right strategies and tactics to avoid any negative outcomes. Using the wrong tactics in different types of negotiation will not lead to a successful outcome. For example, using integrative tactics in a distributive situation the agreement will never meet their needs that

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