neglect of black studies

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Neglect of Black Studies Black Studies is a very important in our society and not only is it crucial in establishing equal rights to African Americans but also is part of American history and should be acknowledged for that. Johnnetta B. Cole exemplifies how black studies has been neglected and is being neglected even more since it was created in Black Studies in Liberal Arts Education; she presses this issue and portrays it as a beneficial aspect on society. Black Studies have always posed controversy and have always been ignored in the liberal arts education. Although Black Studies in the liberal arts education have been decreasing in size it is necessary for society to recognize this issue and put more awareness on this predicament. The African American culture has been a very important part of American History, yet it is constantly being overlooked from the American education programs. In Cole’s essay she pushes this issue and illustrates the bias on the black culture. She summarizes Black Studies in the term of five different challenges which include what is taught, to whom and by whom it is taught, how it is taught and why it is taught. These challenges explain the disregard of the Black Studies. It really intrigues me to see how the essay illustrates how much the African American culture is ignored in the education system. In Cole’s first challenge she describes how “education is based on a Eurocentric perspective of the world, reflecting a racial, gender, and class bias that distorts African and African-American experiences.” (23) Her claim explains the negative depiction of African Americans in our society. Teaching this negative representation of African American culture causes our society to be more stereotypical as well as racist and negligent towards African Americans. Along with the distortion of African Americans she explains how “great
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