Negativity Of Rap

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Rap as a whole has a negative impact on society, particularly on our youth, through its explicit content. It sends a powerful message of hate and violence that is devouring the minds of our youth playing a major role in such problems as rape, racism, teen pregnancy, suicide, homicide and even gang violence. Throughout the years rap has had a huge impact on our society. Not only are millions of CD’s produced every year but popular rap songs receive heavy rotation on multiple hip/hop radio stations. It seems that today’s youth, is engulfed in the hip/hop culture. Rap music portrays African Americans in a negative light through its lyrics. Many rap lyrics consist of horrible tales of violence, such black on black violence, alcohol abuse, and drug related crimes. Rap basically adds on to an already existing stereotype that all black males are violent and dangerous. This in turn makes life even harder for young African-Americans because now they are looked upon as being a “potential threat” to a person’s life. This only increases the amount of racism against African-Americans because people believe what they hear and may begin to develop of fear of what is in rap lyrics. As rap has progressed and evolved, it has begun to lean more and more towards sexually explicit lyrics, which in turn has damaged the image of women. Unlike the “old days” or the so called “early stages” of rap, today’s rap music portrays women in a negative light through sexually inappropriate remarks. Critics of my position do not fully understand how women are being dehumanized by these lyrics and in turn are now being looked upon as sexual objects to our youth. In my opinion this not only puts women in a losing situation but it also puts many women in danger of sexual crimes such as rape. Along with its controversial lyrics on sex and races, rap also promotes gang violence and at times even

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