Negativity Essay

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NEGATIVITY IS NOT PRODUCTIVE Every office or classroom has one… An energy vampire!!! The classmate or employee who sucks the life out of the room. Some energy vampires are more subtle, the under miners who excel in vicious whisper campaigns. Others shoot daggers with their looks or bite with abrasive dismissals. Others simply relish their misery, as if their happiness comes from being tortured. Energy vampires lurk in our family, our neighbourhood and our businesses. Their cynicism drains our energy. Ladies and Gentlemen, If there is one thing our nation can do properly, it is complaining. We complain about politics, the increase in petrol prices and our cricket team that didn’t win the Pro 20. We complain about fat percentages in food and the contents of the You magazine. We are negative about our rugby team in France and the effect of global warming. The closest we ever come to being positive, is when we speak about HIV and that is not productive at all! “There is an energy to thought. What we think about shows up more in our life.” These are the words of Jon Gordon, a reknown motivational speaker from Pittsburgh. I agree that there are many things to complain about and there are several things that even make me feel negative, but to live with only negative thoughts, will cause negative actions which will lead to an unproductive life. Think about this: Sir, if you keep saying you can’t stand your job, you might lose it. Mam, if you keep saying you can’t stand your body, it can become sick and Sir, if you keep saying you don’t like your car, it could be stolen… See how unproductive can negativity be? There is only one place in the whole world where negativity comes before positivity and that’s in the dictionary! Yes, we all get down, but when we’re down, what can we do to turn it around? I believe that if we start with the small things
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