Negatives of Technology Essay

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Negatives of Technology Modern day technology is probably the main attention of every person nowadays. It is well evolving at a very fast rate. As they can see, almost every person in the world has their own kind of high-tech materials. In this generation they rely heavily on technology and some people are against it, the fact that it runs lives. They depend on computers for social networking such as work and pleasure. Everyone likes to talk and text on the phone or write emails, there’s no more face to face. Therefore, technology makes us lazy and takes away from our learning capabilities. Therefore, with technology evolving, the children are exposed to what the world has to offer. Childhood is all about exploration through the interactive world of technology. Children don’t need any more help on what the world has to offer outside of their imagination such as violence from video games. According to a New York Times article this January, “the average kid, ages 8-18, spends over 7 ½ hours a day using technology gadgets equaling 2 ½ hours of music, almost 5 hours of television and movies, three hours of internet and video games, and just 38 minutes of old fashioned reading according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, which adds up to 75 hours a week! These statistics are not just mere numbers; they are a reflection of the way our society is heading. There is a direct correlation of amount of hours spent with gadgets and obesity, poor grades, impatience, violence, and a loss of family interest.” It takes away from their inability to communicate face to face. Technology creates a loss for social skills at a young age when they need the peer to peer interaction. With this in mind, technology not only affects children growing up, but it takes away from businesses. It is an understatement that technology has changed the way that business is done in today’s world.
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