Negative Stress on College Freshman Students Essay

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Writing Level 6 OUTLINE Negative Stress on College Freshman Students Introduction Adaptation to the college environment Remoteness of the family and friends New habits and learning requirements Financial problems, and excess task Intra-personal conflicts Experience a range of feelings Affect the student’s academic performance Adaptation process longer and difficult Abuse toward students Impose disqualifying tasks, and mock their mistakes Racial discrimination Sexual harassment of women Conclusion Negative Stress on College Freshman Students College students suffer significant stress from the beginning of their career, even though it is acceptable some tension, not all students solve it properly. In many of them the programs themselves generate fear, feeling of worthlessness, guilt, inadequacy, anger, among others. All these manifestations are a result of negative stress, which make students use various mechanisms to overcome and process stress. But, which could be the potential causes of stress in a student just entering to college? Below, I will make an explanation of why intra-personal-conflicts, adaptation to college environment, and abuse toward students are potential causes of stress in students who start a path to the future. The beginning of a new stage in life, can generate stress on anyone. In this case, the freshman college student must face the huge impact of this situation, just as it must find ways to overcome it themselves. During this period, the individual may experience a range of feelings such as depression, worthlessness, lack of confidence, excessive concern, or conversely, anxiety for succeed, too much self-confidence, control sensation, etc.. As a result, when all these factors get together in one person, is generated intra-personal conflicts, triggering negative stress that can affect the

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