Negative Impact of Technology

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The invention of technology through electronic devices like smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, etc. is making our life better and more convenient but there are also negative impacts observed. As the first negative effects, the use of online social media cause us to have less interaction resulted in lack of social skills. For example, people tend to isolate themselves by walking around and listening to their own favorite music or staring of something and thinking. Due to less face-to-face meeting, we lost the ability to understand body language and social cues made by our address. This situation will lead to social isolation. As a result, with the lack of human contact, people get depressed because they feel that there is no people who they can accompany and talk to. The second negative effect would be the lack of privacy. With a few clicks on a keyboard, one’s address and contact information can be found easily. For those who are more advanced in technology, they could even use phishing, distributing viruses and hacking to find any information they want. Besides, people nowadays have no sense of privacy. They are tweeting, check in, which is a way to expose their schedule to the outsider or stranger. By this reason, the stranger may trace our location easily and use it for illegal purpose like kidnapping. Additionally, technology may cause health problem to those who are obsess with it. The use of headphone and ear buds can cause one to loss their hearing over time. Constantly looking down at devices can cause neck pain and over time will lead to neck lose its natural curve. In conclusion, there are a lot of negative impacts caused by technology; so, it is important to use the electrical gadget with care and

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