Negative Externalities Essay

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Heather Rogers has explained a lot of the negative externalities in the book Gone Tomorrow, she has explained very carefully how plastic is a problem all over the world, especially In the United States. As she has says in her book Gone Tomorrow “at the same time, garbage output was exploding; between 1960 and 1980 the amount of solid waste in the United States quadrupled.” Also United States is the number one producer for trash, I agree with her because we Americans throw away things that can be re used again once or twice. Has anyone though how important water bottles are? They are the biggest negative externalities of all times, most of don’t even recycle even though there are recycling bins everywhere. There are a lot of effects on plastic and most of are not aware of them or maybe just ignore the fact. When I come to college I usually buy a water bottle from the student store on the way to class but have we thought about where that one water bottle goes after I recycle it or just toss it in the trash? I have never thought about it until I started reading a book and some articles on trash. There much be a lot of people like me, but I do try to recycle as much as I can, I also tell my friends to recycle if I see them throwing recycle trash in the garbage. We think our garbage is in the good place where we won’t find it again ever, but if u notices we create pollution in the air because of all the garbage we are producing. The more garbage we have the longer the trucks are going to be on the streets picking up our trash, that we could have used again. Do we really need to buy the Aquafina, arrowhead, crystal clear, Fiji water, etc.? No, we do not; we assume the water in a plastic bottle is better than the faucet in our house our other places, which is not true all the time. We can buy a plastic or a glass bottle and fill it up with the water running down your
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