Negative Effects Of Underage Sex

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The Negative Effects of Underage Sex By: Cory Walker 09/19/11 In a society that implies that sex is a path to happiness, it is difficult to maintain sexual abstinence. Sex, in which the participation of at a young age carries detrimental effects to emotional and mental stability, is a construct that should be partaken at a mature age. The effects of underage sex are many, but what are they? In 2009, 13.8% of high school students had four or more sex partners during their life. This statistic portrays an important facet of the abstinence argument. Teens who have sex before legal age of consent have problems maintaining a relationship, which is why 13.8% of high school students had four or more sex partners throughout their grade-school experience. Statistics also show that adults who wait to have sex until they are married have a lower chance of being divorced than those who have had premarital sex. This emotional instability is a by-product of underage sex and can be avoided if one would simply practice sexual abstinence. When a teenager participates in sex, their brain is often not fully developed; Having sex at an age of which your brain is not fully developed carries many consequences. When a person has sex with someone else, a chemical is released in the brain that emotionally bonds one person to another. This bond is an important attribute of sex, which is why many people abstain from sex until marriage. Creating this bond is a positive thing, but when you create such a bond at a young age it is unlikely that you will marry the individual, and so it is often broken. Breaking this bond is shown to cause depression, anxiety, a lack of confidence and can make it harder for these people to bond in the future. These bonds are not specifically created from penetrating sex, and can be created simply by the act of oral sex; While it is possible for the bond
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