Negative Effects Of Television Shows On Teenagers Essay

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Negative Effects of Television Shows on Teenagers Television is one of most influential agents of socialization. A television program provides information about latest news and trends that are going on in today’s world and can affect our attitudes and way of thinking. Through this media, messages of gender roles, values, ideologies, and beliefs are transferred to the society easily. These influential shows can affect every walk of life, especially to teenagers who are easily influenced by what they see in television programs. Television programs is categorized into advertisements, action movies and reality shows. It has many negative impacts on teenagers. The first category is advertisements. Advertisements have been controlling our day since many centuries ago. Most of the advertisers concentrate in promoting their products to attract customers, especially to young generations. Teenagers who is exposed to the repeated advertisements very day tend to persuade their parents to purchase the products shown in the commercials. They are more attracted towards branded products which become popular trend nowadays. High class brands like Gucci, Sembonia, Bonia, B.U.M, Pierre Cardin, Hush Puppies, Adidas, Nike and Polo are examples of trendy brands that are frequently shown in television. Teenagers also become obsess with fashionable and expensive things like handbag, shoes, clothes, jeans and accessories. Apart from that, junk foods which is not healthy are promoted greatly via advertisements in television. Teenagers tend to influenced by the persuasive commercials and learn to eat unhealthy foods like snacks, pizzas, burgers and soft drinks. Uncontrolled consumption of these foods will lead to obesity. Advertisement in television can influenced teenagers badly in choosing things. The second group is action movies which is popular among youngsters. “Too Fast Too
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