Negative Effects of Peer Pressure

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Negative Effects of Peer Pressure on Teenagers The experience of being under an immense peer pressure is a must in a person’s life. Each teen has to go through a period of time where they are under a lot of pressure especially from their own friends. Peer pressure is defined as a social pressure put on one of the members in a group of friends to behave, think and act to ways that are acceptable in their respective group. Everything in this world has its pros and cons and so does peer pressure. In many cases, mostly teenagers gain negatives effects more than the positive ones. Hence, peer pressure brings negative effects on teenagers as it cultivates bad habits, instils bad decision-making and leads to loss of identity. Bad habits are cultivated among teenagers who experienced peer pressure. Teens are likely to adopt a certain kind of lifestyle when under immense pressure. Some people are very much fortunate to live a luxurious lifestyle. Among a group of friends, there must be at least one of the members that live an ordinary lifestyle. In the case of peer pressure, the unfortunates would go to the extent where they are willing to sacrifice just to keep up with the rest of the group members. Besides that, peer pressure is the culprit in creating drug addicts. Teens sometimes feel pressured and tensed due to many factors. Unlucky for those who befriended people who are already involved in drug abuse; these addicts would encourage them to release their stress by getting high. Other than that, teens are occasionally forced to do something against their will. For instance, most of the group members smoke. In order to remain in the clique, those who don’t smoke feel obligated to smoke too which is an act that is against their will. Therefore, teenagers who experienced peer pressure cultivate bad habits among themselves. Moreover, peer pressure instils bad

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