Negative Effects of Computers

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Negative Impact of Computers in Society Why computers are too much in society? Computers are very efficient in the sense of studies, jobs and communications but computers are getting way too off the line. Computers have had a negative impact on society in three significant areas: personal relationship, health and the economy. Computers are very addictive. It is like a drug when you have taken one you’ll get used to it and then get addicted. It means you will not have time for other things like activities, sports and espcially studies. It also affects your relationships among your family and friends. You just enjoy what you are doing in the computer. Seldomly taking a bath, not eating/eating junk foods and lack of sleep are the cause of an unhealthy person. If you will just sit down and play games or surf through the net all day long you could have poor eye sight, bad posture and affects the bone strucutre of your hands. Either you would become overweight or you would be underweight. The characters in the computer games can also influence children from it. Taking too long on computer everyday is bad in your health physically and mentally. The economy has a big change when the computers have been made. The reduction of of manufacturing jobs are the first factor of economy’s change. Man power doesn’t needed on some factories because robotics that are controlled by computers can do the job easily and faster. Then, there are piracies, hackers and computer masters that using computers on crime. The computer has been used in their own purposes to do such things that other people doesn’t know that it is bad in the economy. Computers are addictive, bad in health and cause a big change in the economy. Computers are not that bad it is just used too much by people and use it in a wrong

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