Negative Effects Of Colonization On Native Americans

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The Positives and Negatives of Colonization In 1607, the first explorers from England set across the pond and settled in Virginia. They met a new kind of person when they landed: the Native Americans. At first the relationship with the Native Americans helped the settlers survive by teaching them how to grow crops, fish and be able to build shelters. The relationship took a turn when the settlers started to believe that they were savages. Then centuries later, the Indian Removal Act of 1830 where the Indians were removed from their native grounds and put them on reservations. The United States started to colonize the Native Americans in order to make them more social accepted and this caused both negative and positive effects on the Indians and the Indian culture.…show more content…
The Cherokee had their own government, their own writing system, and they had translated the New Testament into Cherokee. This showed that the Whites had influenced the Cherokee Indians in one way, and they took that and turned it into their own. According to Boudinot’s An Address to the Whites, he says that their written language could not be read or written by just anyone, but it allowed for the unification of the natives. The Cherokee Indians created their own government. The Cherokee nation was divided into eight different districts and there was a court in each of the districts that had their own courts to try cases. Colonization was a positive effect on the Native Americans in this case because they were influenced by the Whites’ government and let them learn how to govern themselves just like the rest of the country. Laws were set to get rid of polygamy and also added some civility to their nation. Without the influence of the Whites, the Cherokee would have had nothing to base their government off

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