Negative Effects of Children and Television Essay

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As the society starts to explore the digital era, many people use television for educational purposes as well as entertainment. Television is becoming a major influence for children and many people are wondering how much time children should spend watching television instead of engaging in other activities. So how much is too much television for children and can this problem be fixed? Perrimutter (2013) claims that when a child is watching television, he or she is not involved in play, not socializing with other individuals and most importantly, not receiving feedback at to the actions or consequences of his or her behavior (Perrimutter, 2013). A child’s brain development is crucial in the first few years from learning how to crawl, walk, and talk. Children are learning more and more as they grow to be productive members of society. As children watch television, it takes away the time the child needs to develop important skills such as language, creativity, motor and social skills. Watching too much television can simply hurt this development and impede on the progress of the child’s milestones. Television viewing is known to be the leading leisure activity during childhood, second only to sleeping. The negative aspect of television on the first two years of brain development, in terms of displacing other activities that the child would have otherwise engaged in, are of such great concern that the American Academy of Pediatrics recently indicated that children two years and younger should not watch any television whatsoever (Perrimutter, 2013). Although it is a simple solution to use television as a way for parents to have certain amount of time to do house tasks, parents are strongly advised to limit the amount of time their child spends watching television and instead focus on helping the child progress his or her basic skills. Another concern with television
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