The Negative Effects Of Advertisement

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The Negative Effects of Advertisement Advertisements on television have affected me in a negative way in the past. There has been numerous commercials about how to lose weight that make me feel uncomfortable with myself. These emphasize the idea that one should be thin to be beautiful. Although they don’t tell you directly, there are hidden messages within the ads, like the ones explained in With These Words I Can Sell You Anything, which are captured by one’s subconscious. When I would turn on my television and see these commercials that told me I can look how I’ve always wanted to look by losing weight, they seemed to catch my attention. As soon as I started listening to these ads I felt like I should buy the product. When I heard the phrase “look better than ever” I actually considered it. In reality there is nothing wrong with me; but now I see that the ad’s intention was to make me think that I don’t look as good as everyone else and that I should try to. This temporarily lowered my ego and made me want to change which was not necessary at all. All in all there are ads and commercials that can make people feel bad about themselves and I was a victim. There are many ways in which they attack your mind for instance using the words “better than ever”. In regards to the essay listed I feel that words do have the power to affect one’s mentality and they can sell you anything. It’s all a matter of being smart and seeing the forest for the

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