Negative Cultural Aspects Of Reality Television

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Hillary Kruger Comp II Professor Hauser 7 March 2012 Television Section Draft It is the age of the reality TV show. They seem to be on almost every TV channel nowadays, captivating audiences nation, and even worldwide. These shows may be interesting and fun to watch, but at what cost. These shows present the worst in reality. Weak morals and negative values take center stage in reality television shows, and “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” is no exception to this trend. These women don’t exhibit stability in friendship. They frequently shift alliances and friendships, and they constantly talk poorly behind the backs of their current “friends.” During the show it’s common to hear name calling, accusations and rumor spreading. For example, on episode one of season six, Tamra Barney throws a clothing line party and can be heard asking costar Gretchen Rossi, “Were you calling me an evil bitch?” to which Rossi responded with , “Yeah, I totally kinda was.” Gretchen says something extremely hurtful and rude right to Tamra’s face, but in season eight Tamra and Gretchen become friends. This isn’t the only changing friendship that takes place on the show, not by a long shot. Multiple friendship swaps can be observed throughout the seasons. Alexis Bellino and Peggy Tanous were friends for years before the show, but are now feuding because Peggy neglected to inform Alexis of her and Alexis’ husband Jim’s previous romantic history. Gretchen and former housewife Lynn Curtin were very close friends, but during season six Gretchen tries to give Lynn parenting advice which creates a huge riff between the two women who are no longer friends. They may not have the best etiquette when it comes to friendships, but they seem to value these relationships a lot more than the other ones in their lives. Marriage and romantic relationships are not taken
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