Needs-Goal Theory Essay

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A Question of Motivation: Needs-Goal Theory Needs goal theory by definition is a motivation model that hypothesizes that felt needs cause human behavior. Two great examples given in a question of motivation are Stephanie an Alex. They are very similar in the sense they are both working at this store to obtain their ultimate goal by graduating from college. However, they have very different positions within the store and very different feelings about their bosses. Stephanie works for Jonathan who is described as a person everybody really enjoys having around. Jonathan allows his employees to work in different areas so they learn to do multiple things while never becoming bored in their position. Stephanie's favorite job at the store is the Culinary center which is fairly new. This job allows Stephanie to demonstrate a recipe using the stores ingredients to help increase profits for the store. Jonathan gave Stephanie a task by demonstrating a recipe using truffle oil which is a more expensive product the store sells. It costs about $35 per bottle. Jonathan met with Stephanie and they were able to come up with a goal together for Stephanie to sell 10 bottles. If Stephanie reaches this goal she will get a $75 bonus on her next check. The needs-goal theory applies is this instance because Stephanie enjoys her job and in return wants to be as successful as possible. The need is for Stephanie to sell fairly expensive truffle oil. The goal is 10 bottles. If she is able to obtain and achieve we goal she will recover a monetary compensation of $75 on her next paycheck. Because Stephanie truly enjoys her position she is confident this is a goal she would be able to achieve. Alex is the complete opposite of Stephanie. He does not enjoy his job and has a strong dislike for his manager Dan. Dan feels that his employees are better suited doing the same job all the time. His
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