Needs And Behavior Essay

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NEEDS AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR A Careful analysis and obseravation of all the activities of man reveal, that all the activiitesare either directly or indirectly concerned with the basic needs,which are essential for his sarvival, hapiness and pleasure. For example, all the agricultaral activities - growing food,storing, milling, etc. are concerned with satisfaction of hunger drive. water suplly scheme are concerned with thirst drive. Family is concerned with maternal drive. All the scintific and technological development are concerned with shelter,protection,rest,sleep,etc. Thus all the basic needs and drives are at the base of all behaviour.So to understand how and why a person behaves in a particular way at particular time and place, it is necessary to know some of these needs,drives and let us try ti know what are the human needs? how they cayse drives and motives? How they contribute to the survival, development and progress of human society? etc. From the above discussion it is clear that the behavior of an individual ars the consequence of the internal needs and drives.The term need refers to a condition of lacking or deficiencyof something that is essential for the sarvival . the need produces a physiological state which demands fulfilment or satisfaction, lest there will be a state of physiological and psyschological imbalances within the individual.The deficiency may be air, food , water. etc.The need for food , wter etc, cause drives such as hunger, thirst etc. They are the physiological states , which induce organism to action, which in turn lead to satisfaction.Thus the need leads to drive which sets the organism to action.The appropriate action leads to satisfaction and

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