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HRM/326 Needs Analysis Niklas Zennstrom stated: “When we look at investing, we always think about 'how defensible is this, how likely is it that somebody is going to copy this.' E-commerce tends to be something easy to copy because it's execution.” Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer since the company opened in the garage of Jeff Bezos’, and its yearly profit is over 10 billion dollars. Many companies subsequently have copied Amazon and now compete for e-commerce profits; therefore companies like Google and Microsoft become an issue for Amazon. This has instigated Amazon to develop products for other e-commerce businesses, and now Amazon offers GoPago. This paper will discuss the need analysis, organizational analysis, team analysis and task analysis. Organizational Amazon was founded in 1994; the company has become one of the most prosperous and named as Fortune 100 Company. In 2000, began to offer its best-of breed e-commerce platform to assist other retailers and individual sellers. The innovative ideas have made to be the most popular online retailers. is able to reach consumers worldwide, they have offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and United Kingdom. In addition, they are able to acquire small business to expand their consumer reach; from AbeBooks to Zappos they are able to provide the needs of the consumers. In addition, they are able to maintain their place in the industry. With the Kindle they are able to compete with Apples iPad/Air, their main feature is an less expensive than Apples iPad/Air and fast downloads with books and video. Amazon has become the most well-known online retailer in the world, by giving the customers easy access without leaving their home. Team analysis Amazon recently acquired Gopago, a company that offers a

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