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Factor How it Influences Voters Political Parties 1. Political party can influence the voter 100% if they are of that party. Some people vote just because the candidate is of that political party. 2. Many other people can base some of their vote but not all of it on political party but not all of it. Not everyone votes because of party. Some people do take in the political party as a base for their vote though. Peers/Social Background 1. The social background can influence the person’s personal belief majorly. The background in which one is raised tends to reflect highly on their personality. And again, can influence their vote. 2. Some people take into consideration the beliefs or votes of their peers. Based on what peers believe can also influence a person’s vote, due to not wanting to look like “the odd one out”. Election Issues/Personal Beliefs 1. Personal belief makes up most of a voters choice. What they believe is right always comes first in their decision. 2. Certain election issues like how they will help or resolve the economy, gay marriage (in terms of recent elections), or taxes, can change a person’s vote easily. Television and Radio 1. The television and radio is used by almost every person in America. It is the number one source of information on candidates and their plans. Just like the internet, the information given on the candidates influences the voters vote. 2. There are radio and television programs that cater to the two political parties. These channels, like adds and other propaganda, can influence the vote. The Internet 1. The internet provides means for gathering information on candidates. This influences how the voter will think of the candidates, leaving how the voter votes to their personal belief. 2. The internet is also a way for people to get fresh ideas about what is right

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