Need to Belong Essay

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The Need to Belong Toronia Millner PSY 405 BO1 May 25 , 2015 Abstract Human beings are fundamentally motivated by a need to belong, a strong desire to form or maintain enduring interpersonal attachments. This has been started from the beginning with Adam. Infants form attachments to caregivers very early in life. There is a need to belong whether it is in a relationship or a group. People deprived of belongingness have effects on their immune system. Also those who lack belongingness suffer higher levels of mental and physical illnesses, and are prone to a range of behavioral problems. Being part of a group makes people feel important, this motivates human behavior. The need to belong is not something new, this has been in God’s plan from the beginning. Gen 2:18 It is not good that man should be alone. I will make him a helper fit for him. Belongingness is a need not a want. People seek frequent affectively positive interactions within the context of long term caring relationships. The desire for interpersonal attachment is one of the most far reaching constructs available to understand human nature. Belongingness is the human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group. It is a strong feeling existing in human nature and results of one’s own choices or choices of others. People who lack belongingness suffer high levels of mental and physical illnesses, and are prone to a range of behavioral problems. Failing to feel accepted or includes can cause depression and anxiety, as well as eating disorders and suicide. This also has effects on the immune system. Rejected children have higher incidence of psychopathology than other children. People strongly resist the dissolution of relationships and social bonds. Belonging to a group makes us feel we are important. This motivates human behavior. To belong is not only pleasant but very beneficial. Social
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