Need Of Friendship

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There are factors that enable individuals to live healthy and satisfactory lives. Among these factors individuals often name diet, exercise, and sleep, commonly forgetting to name the ultimate necessity of having friends. Despite its often being overlooked, the art of being social is a necessity in life. For some animals it is vital to live in groups in order to survive much like these animals, humans too must be part of a group in order to endure life in today’s jungle. Life, being full obstacles, is only more difficult for individuals that are alone and by themselves. In order for individuals to grow into stronger and more competent people, they need a constant source of support. This essay will show that it is vital for human beings to have friends in order to live healthy, successful, and rewarding lives. Self-discovery is crucial in order to understand the path and journey one wants to take in life. An individual must situate himself in the shoes of many in order to discover what he truly wants. Only by having many friends and interacting with various individuals can people truly understand others, and most importantly, themselves. The more companions one has, the more influenced one can become to make decisions about him or herself. Individuals develop more complex feelings about certain activities as time goes on, not only by the atmosphere that surrounds and inspires them but also by the influence of their peers. It is critical that people are able to understand themselves because the only way to reach complete happiness is by making the right decisions. The greater the certainty and confidence people have in their decisions, the greater the overall satisfaction they have in their lives. Being part of many social circles allows people to have a great array of valuable individuals at their service. Remembering Johnny from college who was
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