Need for Strategic Leadership

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Leadership Assignment Title – Critically analyse why there is a need for Strategic Leadership in Organisations today. What implications may occur as a result? “I believe that the capacity that any organisation needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed." Adapted from Margaret J. Wheatley Introduction The need for Strategic Leadership in organizations is subject to the past, present and future circumstances. Strategic leaders have the ability to organise, determine effective intervention angles, develop competencies and orientation, translate strategy into action and help to align people and organizations; as defined by Davies and Davies (2004). In contemporary business environment, Strategic leadership assumes importance due to the distinct nature of challenges faced by organizations. The business environment will not only have to encounter complexities and opportunities but will also be riddled with multiple threats and risks. Strategic Leaders are the group of people appointed by top management who have knowledge and capacity to effectively implement strategies which can help organizations to perform at the highest levels, even during unsettled and unpredictable environments (Ireland and Hitt, 2005). Uncertainties, globalization, rapid pace of technological improvement, innovation, diversity, complexity and information overload are common problems faced by organizations (Maak and Pless, 2006). Ethical behaviour in Business is another point of contention where problems arise and organizations need to rise to this challenge and which they cannot afford to ignore (Thomas et al., 2004). These circumstances create a need for strategic leadership. This essay by means of a literature review tries to explore the necessity of

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