Ned Kelly: A True Hero

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It has been the one of the most heated debates in history. Many people believe Ned Kelly to be a hero. They believe he really was fighting for independence for the poor and was forced to kill and commit the crimes he did. However others believe that he was a murderous villain who used innocent people for his own needs. In June 1855 after the death of his father Ned was forced to leave school to help assist his grandfather James Quinn with the family cattle in North Victoria. He also got a job and became the family’s main breadwinner and started taking jobs as a timber cutter and rural worker to try and provide for his mother and younger siblings. Ned’s family was very poor and only had a small plot of land. The soil was bad quality which caused Ned to steal horses and cattle to survive. However despite this he educated himself and was known for his good use of language and sense of humor. As a child Ned was able to stop another 7 year old child from drowning. ‘Ned was able to rescue the seven year old Richard Shelton from drowning when he fell in the creek opposite the Kelly home. His courage must have been exemplary for the Shelton family saw fit to make a public occasion of it by presenting him with a gold-fringed sash,’ Historian Max Brown told the Australian Son. Many people tend…show more content…
Even though Ned was fighting for independence the way he went about it was the wrong way to get it. Many historians believe that he committed crimes that were “immoral and unjust”. While others believe he was a hero and should be remembered as one. Even though it can never be denied that Ned killed people and used innocent people for his own needs and desires it can be debated that he was doing it to protect himself and his family while also trying to fight for independence for the poor. Ned Kelly can either be called a hero or a villain. It only depends on which side of the fence you
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