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Nectar in a Sieve Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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“Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve, and hope without an object cannot live.” What is the meaning of this title and explain it using quotes or events from the story.

Intro: one or two sentences that has to have an attention grabber and a thesis statement.

Life can either be joyous or dreadful and throughout life, everyone has their ups and downs similar to a rollercoaster that roars down with people screaming along to it. Sometimes its a thrill but other times its a nightmare, but why bring up Nectar in a sieve? How does an Indian village in the 1950’s have anything to do with the ups and downs of life? Believe it or not it is closely related. Nectar in a Sieve strongly relates to the quote, specifically in character and events that occur throughout the story.

Body Paragraphs: Topic sentence which resemplifies the thesis statement. Concrete detail which is fact based, the quote and the book, example-an event or character, Commentary- the explanation of why it strongly relates to the quote. A conclusion sentence which sums up the topic sentence.

There were many strong and impactful characters throughout the story in the book. One of the major characters, Irawaddy who was the first daughter of Rukmani, heavily relates to this quote. “work without hope draws nectar in a sieve.” This means that work needs a motivation or hope. Otherwise no one would work. “Hope without an objective cannot live.” This means that hope can only survive if it has something to return and hope needs a person, otherwise hope wouldnt exist. In the story, Irawaddy has no hope because she cannot produce any sons, she stops working or doing anything. As soon as Kuti arrives, Ira starts treating the baby as if it were her own child. During the harvest season, the family begins to run out of food and they all go through extreme starvation. Kuti is the most affected by this. Ira does not want to lose her brother so in order to keep him alive she turns toward prostitution to...

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