Neat Versus Sloppy

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English 99.502 June 11, 2012 Compare/Contrast Neat People can also be Sloppy People Suzanne Britt’s essay, “Neat People vs. Sloppy People” from her book Show and Tell, contrasts neat and sloppy people. Suzanne Britt’s essay has many views that would make me a sloppy person. I do possess many of these traits and I am somewhat dis-organized at times; however, according to her essay I am considered a neat person. Suzanne Britt states that neat people are bums and clods at heart (311); I don’t consider myself either. I am not dull, and I am far from being stupid. Suzanne Britt also states that neat people can have carefree attitudes towards possessions (311). I am not sure how she came up with this thought, because I do save items that have sentimental value to me. I might hold onto them for a few years and come across the item at some point and decide that I no longer need to keep this item. I also have some family heirlooms, and yes, they are dust collectors, but I would never throw them away. I do get aggravated, but that is because I have to keep them clean. I would like nothing more then to box it up and forget about it; however, if I did that then it would not keep the memory alive. Suzanne Britt also states that neat people don't care about process and we like results (311). Yes I do like results, but I don't attempt to get everything done just so I can watch TV. I don't like to handle things twice this is true, but I don't throw everything away. I think that when Suzanne Britt wrote this essay the economy wasn't in the tank. I will hold on to some items, but at the same time I will make sure that this is an item that I can use at some point, but if I cant I will dispose of it immediately. I have three dogs and believe me there are times that I would love to pick up all their toys and throw them in the trash. If I did this it would make no sense;
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