Neat Essay

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vs. Sloppy1. Does Britt favor one group over the other? Which details or statements support your response? Mrs. Britt most definitely favors “sloppy” people. She seems to be defending sloppy people by explaining their behaviors and trying to rationalize their actions to the rest of the world. 2. Based on the details presented here, to which group do you belong? What specific details describe you most accurately? I most definitely belong to the “sloppy” group! Her explanation of the high ideals that sloppy people have is the absolute truth. In my professional life, I am a very organized person but in my private or home life, I am the worst case example of a sloppy person. The most accurate detail would be “the loving attention” that I give to everything. 3. What is Britt’s purpose in contrasting neat people and sloppy people? Is it her goal to explain or to convince? The purpose in contrasting neat and sloppy people seems to be an explanation as to why someone (possibly herself) could live in chaos and without organization. Her goal seems to be to give an inkling of understanding to the neat people in life. 4. In the introductory paragraph, Britt jumps right into the essay. Is that effective? How else might she have begun her essay? Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, jumping right in does seem appropriate. Mrs. Britt might have chosen to have begun her essay with a brief description of each trait and contrasted the differences in each trait. 5. Which method of organization does Britt use to arrange her essay? How effectively does she switch between her two subjects of “sloppy” and “neat”? Mrs. Britt seems to have used the compare and contrast method of organization in this essay. Mrs. Britt is very effective in switching between her two subjects because she clearly separates them into two portions of her essay. 6. From reading this essay, are
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