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Different lines of evidence provide information about Neanderthals because evidence left behind from Neanderthals helps researchers compare the Neanderthal to the modern human and make conclusions based on them. “Both fossil and genetic evidence indicate that Neanderthals and modern humans (Homo sapiens) evolved from a common ancestor between 500,000 and 200,000 years ago.” Footprints are a geological evidence of biological activity. Structural evidence would be from footprints, scientists can learn a lot about the height, weight and gait of humans who made those footprints. The genetic evidence is consistent with the archeological evidence about Neanderthals because a recent DNA study dictated that 1 percent to 4 percent of our human DNA is derived from Neanderthals. The discovery shows that some interbreeding occurred between humans and Neanderthals. Max Plank, a scientist for the Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology decoded DNA samples from ancient bones. Also, scientists have discovered that the two species did live in the same time and place and somewhere along the way the two species intermingled. Interbreeding refers to the reproduction from the mating of two genetically related species; it often results in the offspring being affected by recessive traits. Gene flow results in homogenization of the two genes and this goes back to how interbreeding contributes to gene flow because interbreeding between species can create offspring that can drive the originally purebred species to extinction. Evidence that some humans interbred with Neanderthals tells us about our past that somewhere along the line, our paths overlapped with those of the Neanderthals. We were coming from Asia and Neanderthals were coming from Europe so at one point in time we came across each other and intermingled. Neanderthal DNA compares to human DNA because there

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